“The Eagle’s View – The View from The Top”

Homer, Alaska, United States --- Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska Winter --- Image by © AlaskaStock/Corbis
Image by © AlaskaStock/Corbis

Business today moves fast and eagles have wings for a reason – to fly and observe the view from on high. Corporate leaders need to step away from the daily business to build competitive strategy within their industry and stay relevant to their workforce. There are so many critical business factors competing for attention that it is hard if not impossible for top leaders to step off the conveyor belt.   But when they do allow themselves and their employees to do so, the investment in that time can lead to the pivotal step that builds competitive advantage and foresight.

We recently had the opportunity to train a group of senior managers and 60 employees at a major Chinese chemical company whose vision includes creating a global brand.   Working with our top senior trainer based in China, we built a customized two-week training solution with various components delivered to distinct groups. The trainings provided that chance to step back, strategize and engage with one another, analyze best practices, execute simulations and produce action plans that will move them forward into the future. It provided them with the view from the top. We will continue to provide support in a number of ways as change is a process.  We have been providing the most productive, engaging and interactive training programs for our clients for over 30 years and we are pleased when they respond so positively. Here’s the testimonial from the CEO at this recent session in China.   We’re sharing it with you just in case  you feel it’s time for your company to gain that view from the top!

The presentation delivered by your trainer and the training over past 2 weeks are very successful and meet my goal and purpose very well.  First of all, I would like to appreciate your trainer’s contribution, I know the schedule is very tight and the workload is tough but the outcome is great! Also thank you and your team for your strong support!

I think the presentation yesterday impressed and inspired the executives a lot and I believe they will pay more attention on Global talent development and definitely will support much more in future. Just like the trainer mentioned during the speech, there are lots of things in here need to be changed, adjusted or improved but we need time. For the next step, my team and I will try to facilitate the alignment with executives on clarification that what’s globalization mean in to us, what’s the positioning in overseas markets and what kind of specific talent we need to support the global business and what kind of culture or image we should have in different countries. It is a good time to facilitate the discussion and make all stakeholders on the same page.  Meanwhile, this group of 60 people is just a pilot group, my team will cover and select the employees in the other locations, 2 primary manufacturing base in China. We can focus on these people to do the similar activities like past 2 weeks.”

 Top Leader from Major Chinese Chemical Company

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