Actions and Reactions: Police & Paris

It sometimes appears that society is being pulled apart at the seams.  We have all witnessed the chokehold which led to the death of a black man whose crime was selling cigarettes and the murder of French journalists for practicing their liberties.

In no uncertain terms,  the underlying racism (whether conscious or not) behind the killing of black males by police and the need to protect the liberty and freedom of journalists to do their jobs must be addressed.   We must be vigilant about addressing these issues.  We also must be very careful not to vilify all police or all Muslims.  To do so would be to play right into the hands of racists and religious extremists.  Those of us in the Diversity and Inclusion field owe it to our communities (business and social) to have the courage to discuss these issues and provide the clear guidance that is needed.  To remain quiet is to allow others to fill the void which can be very dangerous for us all.

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