Working Globally: Strategies for Cross-Cultural Success

Let’s face it – our world is getting more culturally complex as companies interact on a global threshold around the clock.    Incorporating 21st-century global mindset skills can elevate your level of effectiveness and cultural adaptiveness, setting you and your organization up for success in the global marketplace.

If you are in the Houston area next Thursday, you owe it to yourself to register and hear Neal Goodman, Ph.D., President of Global Dynamics Inc., present on Working Globally: Strategies for Cross-Cultural Success.    It can be the next step in your professional pathway to achieving global business competency.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Working Globally

Strategies for Cross-Cultural Success

October 16, 2014

Every 21st century business has a variety of needs for cultural competence. Whether you are mobilizing international assignees around the world; working to improve the effectiveness of project teams; raising awareness for diversity and inclusion; or providing support for business travelers, you need to understand how cultural differences in social customs and business practices can and do impact individual and group performance.By attending this one-day workshop, you will learn skills and knowledge you need to be effective in today’s global marketplace.Plus, REGISTER EARLY to receive a pre-program needs assessment to identify specific issues, countries and other topics of concern – a state-of-the-art Self-Assessment Tool that allows you to compare your preferred management, communication and negotiation styles to that of 50 major countries in the world and to design appropriate strategies for interacting with your targeted countries.

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Space is Limited

 The program has been submitted to HR Certification Institute for 6 hours of International credit towards GPHR and General credit towards PHR recertification requirements.

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