Setting up for Success in Global Markets like India

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The other day as I was helping my 6th grade son with his homework, I pulled out the world map so we could take a look at some areas of interest. Now, I know India is pretty big, with one of the world’s largest population, yet I marveled at realizing, again, just “how big” it is! It makes one think – if you could sell your products to the Indian marketplace, why, life would be grand….just like the size of the country! You could find yourself on easy street! Cha-ching!

Well, I suppose it’s just not “that” easy! If your company’s next global footprint looks to India, it would make sense to find out about those who have gone before you:  where did they fail? where did they succeed? Presenting your product to a country so large, and a people so incredibly diverse means the sooner you learn that no one size fits all, the sooner you will find success.

I just read an article by Amitava Chattopadhyay, posted on INSEAD, where he discusses the challenges of bringing your product to market in India. Chattopahyay breaks down the traditional model of US-centered marketing strategies and aligns them with the tools needed to position yourself within the various layers of Indian society.  Note: it takes time, it takes relationship building, it takes an “into the trenches” mentality versus sitting at one’s desk and reviewing analytics. But mostly, according to Chatttopadhya, it takes a deep understanding of the culture, a viewpoint of the world that we at Global Dynamics have been professing for close to 30 years. When you understand the culture of India, or any other culture for that matter, you see the barriers to success break away, and you open yourself to a vastly different way of doing business and creating relationships. You see the world in a new light, and the potential for success in a new culture unfolds.

Global Dynamics is uniquely positioned to help clients all over the world with their global initiatives.  Whether you want to build a cohesive team in a new country, build a virtual multi-cultural team, or help your employees develop the global mindset so imperative to global cultural dealings, we can make that transition happen! We would love to hear from you! Let us know what you think about the INSEAD article and share your stories of your global pursuits, successes and “slip-ups!”  Until next time!

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