It is NOT Chinese New Year!

c-blog lunar newyearI just received the following automated email response for an Australian colleague living in the Philippines. “Please  note  that  our  office  will  be  closed on the 31st  January  in celebration  of   Chinese  New  Year.”

Many Westerners unintentionally offend all of their non-Chinese Asian colleagues by wishing them a “Happy Chinese New Year”. The lunar New Year is not specific to China, and due to historical factors many Asians are left UNHAPPY with such a greeting. Many non-Chinese may not express their true feelings in order to save-face for the offending well-wisher.

As a recommendation, and in the spirit of our enhancing readers’ cultural intelligence, I would like to share the comments of one of my Vietnamese friends, Phuong Mai Nguyen:

“Please NEVER EVER say ‘Happy Chinese new year’ to just any Asian-looking face you know. Not everything is made in China. Lunar New Year based on a Lunisolar calendar is used in Korea, Japan and many other Asian communities. In Vietnam it is called Tet (Happy Tet!). It does not sound right to say ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ to a Vietnamese.”

So Happy Lunar New Year or Happy New Year to ALL of you who are celebrating this week.

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